If you’re finding yourself here, you’ve either gotten here by way of my jewelry or you’re an artist I admire and you’re looking to see who I am before you respond to my email inviting you to show your work with me. Hello! My name is Marina Eliasi and I’m embarking on an exciting journey with my husband and business partner, Udi. We’ve been dreaming and talking about opening an art gallery for over a decade together and now, we have finally decided to take the leap and do it. We have found a beautiful store front space in the heart of Greenwich Village and we are overwhelmingly excited to share it with you all.

We are compiling an exciting roster of contemporary artists who work in 2D and 3D disciplines with a wearable art feature. We are particularly drawn to contemporary realism, surrealism and figurative expressionism, but are open to showing styles and ideas of all kinds. Our first opening will be “A Taste of Sparrow” on June 22 showing examples from artists who will appear in future exhibitions. Please come back soon for more details about our upcoming show schedules.

If you’re an artist interested in a review for submission, please email Include a brief bio, link to your website and / or social media pages containing images of your portfolio.


Opening this brick and mortar space will take time from my bench schedule, but by no means do I intend to ever stop making adornments. My work will always be here, but now, you’ll have a place to come see it in person as well as finding it online.