new blog's been a while


I think I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to all manner of things. Like - I'm a genius procrastinator. If IT has to be done right now, I'll quite literally talk myself into doing everything else but that - wholly convinced that the toilets cant possibly wait another second to be cleaned or something equally as entertaining ( I am a stay-at-home mom primarily, you know) and then I'll make myself stressed that IT hasn't gotten done yet. I also talk myself into and out of situations I'm not entirely sure there's a black and white answer for. You know- those things where it could result in horrible embarrassment or high praise, but absolutely nothing in the middle? I'm actually quite certain that I feel that most things I do - aside from the completely mundane things, like cleaning my toilets - live in the realm of those extremes. It's as if my head battles, constantly, between a horrible lack of self esteem and a rather lofty one. But - maybe that's all normal and we all do that to some extent. Anyway - my long winded prelude is just to tell you that it's been far too long since I've entered a blog post and I'm set to make it a habit from now on - or for as long as the butterflies in my stomach allow me to hit publish. Quite a few of you responded kindly to my newsletter the other day and it made me feel that the things I think about might not be all that uncommon. Maybe you'll enjoy reading my ramblings here every once in a while. SO here goes...but more another day.